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All About Quotes - an endless supply of quotes, quips, and proverbs.
Bartleby - access public domain reference titles.
Best of British Slang - authentic slang terms from the UK.
BiblioFind - locate rare and used books.
Biography - 25K+ biographies online.
Cliché Finder - Search over 3,00 clichés to use or avoid.
Copyright Website - loads of copyright information.
Dr. Grammar - Everything Strunk & White offers and more.
Encyclopedia Britannica - online encyclopedia.
Fiction Addiction - resources, how-to-articles, interviews, and more.
Funds for Writers - lists paying markets, grants, and contests for writers.
Free Book Notes - tools, resources, and opportunities to bring out your creative side. 
Freelance Writing Organization-International - online database of resource links for over 3,000 jobs. 
How Stuff Works - when you need to know.
How to Get Published – lots of information and goodies.
InfoPlease - information for fact and trivia junkies.
Library of Congress - Library of Congress online.
Library Spot - a reference desk of reference sites.
Link Popularity - Type in a URL and see how many links it connect with.
Owl Writing Lab - finish that paper tonight.
Oyez Project- U.S. Supreme Court multimedia database.
Paradigm Writing - all the elements of writing essays.
Research Hodgepodge - brought to you by Rutgers University & K.E.Vandergift.
RefDesk - online reference desk.
Slang Dictionary - get the latest lingo.
Snopes - a site full of urban legends--lots of fun and interesting stuff.
Spell Check - For those who really need it, like everyone.
Writing Fix - fun, educational writing games and prompts to stimulate writers of all ages. It's like free writing class!
Writer's Tool Kit - helps teach, guide, and inspire new writers.
Word Origins - This site aids in the study of Etymology a.k.a.- word origins. A fascinating subject, full of folklore and historical lessons.
Your Dictionary - offers multilingual tools, including translation.

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